Great leader remembered by the people

Date: 13/02/2017 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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As a saying goes, a lapse of time brings a lapse of memory.
But the passage of time adds more to the yearning for Chairman Kim Jong Il.
Preparatory committees have been formed throughout the world to celebrate his 75th birth anniversary (February 16) and a variety of political and cultural events are being held in praise of the undying exploits he had performed for the building of a powerful socialist country and the cause of global independence.
In retrospect the over half a century of his leadership over the DPRK was an arduous course of striking out a new path.
This eventful course witnessed the Arduous March and forced march the Korean people were compelled to make due to the imperialist reactionaries’ threats of war and unprecedented sanctions plus devastating natural disasters, and the nuclear confrontation between the DPRK and the US that has entered the new century.
The Chairman steered the country through all those hardships and ordeals and achieved everything he was able to do in his time with clairvoyance and outstanding leadership.
He made a tremendous contribution to the development of ideology of mankind.
He added brilliance to the Juche idea as the guiding ideology of the era of independence through energetic ideological and theoretical activities and formulated Songun politics as the basic political mode of socialism, providing an invincible treasured sword with which to accomplish the cause of independence.
When the imperialists were clamouring about the “demise of socialism” he published Socialism Is a Science and many other works encouraging and propelling the global cause of socialism and the cause of independence against imperialism, thereby demonstrating the scientific accuracy and truthfulness of socialism and the inevitability of its victory and dealing a telling blow to the imperialists and reactionaries.
His ideological and theoretical activities covered all domains of social life such as politics, the economy, military, literature and the arts, science and education. He is still praised as a master of ideology and theory as he gave encyclopedic answers to the theoretical and practical problems raised by the times, revolution and history and illumined the path ahead of the Korean revolution and the cause of global independence.
The Chairman turned Songun Korea into an invincible power with inexhaustible military strength.
After socialism collapsed in different countries in succession progressive peoples as well as the world’s political circles wondered if there was an actual political mode that would firmly guarantee socialism. The lucid answer the Chairman gave to that question was just the Songun-based politics.
His Songun politics shattered to pieces the manoeuvres of the US and other imperialist forces to invade and stifle the DPRK and enabled the red flag of socialism to flutter more powerfully.
A foreign personage asserted that if the US started a war in the Korean peninsula it would mean the start of the Third World War or a worldwide nuclear war and the whole world would suffer the calamities of the war.
Military commentators estimated that an outbreak of war in the peninsula would bring four kinds of terrible damage worldwide: an economic loss of US$20 trillion, destruction of more than 500 large cities, loss of over 1 billion lives and desertification of the globe. Despite the international community’s apprehension, no sound of gunfire of war was heard from the peninsula and neither WWIII nor nuclear war broke out.
This was attributable to the Songun revolutionary leadership of the Chairman who developed the DPRK into an invincible military power and nuclear weapons state.
The reality of the DPRK has clearly proved that Songun is justice and truth.
The Chairman’s career is shining as the noble life of a people’s father who dedicated his all to his country and people.
With the idea of love for the people that there can be the Party and country as there is the people, he always found himself among the people, sharing sweets and bitters with them.
In the wake of his forced march for on-the-spot guidance to all parts of the country including the northern tip and remote mountain villages, the dream of building a powerful country the Koreans had cherished for thousands of years came to be realized.
Such terms as “forced march through snowstorm” and “field train” clearly tell about the pains the Chairman took for the people.
Though he performed exploits that would go down in history, devoting himself entirely to national prosperity, he left nothing for himself, such as monument and statue, and his great international repute grows further and further with the passage of time.
Chairman Kim Jong Il will always live in the hearts of mankind for his pre-eminent ideology and theories, outstanding leadership ability and noble personality traits.

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