Candlelit rally regains momentum at signs of no impeachment

Date: 14/02/2017 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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According to local media, the 15th round of candlelit rally was simultaneously taken across south Korea on February 11 with over 806 000 people from all walks of life in attendance.
Holding signs bearing such slogans as “impeachment in February”, “extension of special investigation” and “plutocrats are also accomplices”, more than 750 000 Seoul citizens and other people from across south Korea gathered at the Kwanghwamun plaza.
Saying that they cannot keep waiting for the decision to be made by the constitutional court, speakers called for further alert and more candlelit rally as the special investigation is to expire and Park Geun Hye is making desperate bid to evade the judgment of impeachment.
At the meeting the “emergency people’s action” declared an emergency situation to bring the spring free of Park Geun Hye in February and called for gathering at Kwanghwamun on February 25.
It demanded the resignation of Hwang Kyo An who is assuming the authority of the president, impeachment in February, extension of the special investigation, arrest of chief plutocrats and accomplices and elimination of evils.
After the rally, the protestors staged two rounds of demonstrations.
That day, similar protest actions were staged in other parts of south Korea.
The Pusan headquarters of the “movement for the resignation of the Park Geun Hye regime” spearheaded a rally with the participation of over 22 000 citizens, while 15 000 Kwangju people rallied pledging they would not put down candles, until Park steps down.
Splashing the event, local media said that no sharp wind and severe cold could interrupt the people demanding the impeachment of the president and extension of special investigation.


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