Why does the US doggedly protect Israel?

Date: 15/02/2017 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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International efforts are growing more than ever before to settle the Palestine-Israel dispute impartially and in a peaceful way.
In December last year a UNSC resolution condemned Israeli act to legalize its new bid for Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territory. And on January 15 this year an international meeting for the peaceful settlement of the Middle East issue focusing on Palestine-Israel dispute was held in Paris with representatives of 70 countries and five international organizations including the UN in attendance.
Such development is welcomed and supported by the international community as positive efforts to resume the stalled peace talks and achieve impartial and lasting regional peace.
But only the US, which styles itself a mediator for the peace process, openly protects Israel while playing a tacit trick.
Now it is working furiously to relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv to Kuds.
It plans to move its embassy to Kuds which has long been at the centre of Palestine-Israel dispute. By doing so it tries to make Israel feel its “existence”.
In other words, it does not want to lose Israel it deems as a “strategic strongpoint” for its presence in the Middle East.

By Choe Yong Nam PT

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