U.S. Conception of "Denuclearizing North Korea" Is Daydream; Minju Joson

Date: 21/02/2017 | Source: KCNA.kp (En) | Read original version at source

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Pyongyang, February 21 (KCNA) -- There is a heated argument among the political circles in the U.S. about whether the goal of "denuclearizing north Korea" is possible or not.

Minju Joson Tuesday observes in a commentary in this regard:

It is nonsensical to argue about this matter and an attempt to realize the above-said scenario is as foolish as trying to turn back the clock of history.

There are still politicians keen to find something useful in the Obama administration's policy towards the DPRK which proved to be a total failure, as they are pinning hope on the fallacious "denuclearization of the north Korea." This is a tragedy of the American political camp, the commentary says, and goes on:

The U.S. has been in the stand-off with the DPRK for several decades. It must know well who its rival has been.

The DPRK-U.S. relations have now turned into those between the two nuclear weapons states and this relationship will never change irrespective of who recognizes it or not.

It is as clear as noonday that the U.S. persistent pursuance of policy of high-handed practices and pressure to alter the present nature of the DPRK-U.S. relations would only entail more miserable consequences than what the preceding administration faced.

Now is the time to remind the U.S. that it would be well advised to make a cool analysis and wise option towards the DPRK. -0-

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