State-sponsored terrorism against DPRK to end in failure

Date: 16/05/2017 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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“With the ‘utmost pressure and engagement’ as its north Korea policy, the Trump administration is intent on mounting an intense political, economic and military pressure and undisguised state-sponsored terrorism against the DPRK while advocating the ‘elimination of the leadership’ of the sovereign state and its system overthrow,” said KCNA on May 11 in its memorandum on the US crimes of anti-DPRK terrorism and the validity of the DPRK’s self-defensive option to counter them.
As the US, which built the country and expanded its territory with terrorism, holds aggression as its mode of existence, it has sponsored acts of terrorism including assassination, coup and military invasion to overthrow and rule independent and developing countries, it said.
As even decades-long sanctions, blockade and military pressure did not work on the DPRK, it has intensified terror acts aimed at its supreme leadership, it noted, taking as a typical example the most vicious political terrorism of the US and puppet south Korea to destroy statues and monuments dedicated to the Korean great leaders, symbol of its supreme dignity, in 2012.
The memorandum also referred to the facts that the US has stepped up wicked terror operations and psychological warfare geared to toppling the DPRK system and driven south Korean puppets to this end and that a ring of terrorists the CIA and south Korean “national intelligence service” recently groomed and infiltrated into the DPRK to commit a terror act by using biochemical substances against the DPRK supreme leadership, denouncing the US’ state-patronized terrorism as an apparent violation of international law.
It also criticized the US for resorting to armed force and harsh economic sanctions to conduct acts of terrorism against the DPRK without hesitation.
Especially, the largest-ever Key Resolve and Foal Eagle 17 joint military exercises staged throughout south Korea between March 1 and April 30 were the most heinous and adventurous state-sponsored terrorism in which special operation troops and means were mobilized on the largest scale, it noted.
Sanctions, a preceding process of the US terrorism, are its major means of implementing the policy of hostility to the DPRK, it said, adding the US fabricated “sanctions resolutions” by abusing the UN Security Council while finding fault with the DPRK’s space programme for peaceful purposes and buildup of nuclear deterrent for self-defence, and pressurized neighbouring nations to break economic relations and stop economic and trade dealings with the DPRK in line with an international punitive campaign which contains money remittance ban and interception and capture of ships and planes.
“The Trump administration’s DPRK approach is an expanded version of anti-DPRK sanctions the US has applied persistently and viciously for long, and what cannot go unnoticed is that the Republican Party and other US conservative forces most often stick to renaming the DPRK a sponsor of terrorism whenever DPRK-US relations worsen or the situation tenses," it said, condemning the mean economic sanctions and blockade pursued by the US as an illegitimate crime with no legal ground in terms of international law and a gross violation of the sovereignty of a state.
The DPRK’s anti-terror war against the wickedest US terrorism is an option for self-defence taken by a sovereign state, and it will be a patriotic war for the protection of sovereignty and peace to sweep away aggressors and provokers and a sacred war of justice for reunification to end the decades-long anti-imperialist and anti-US showdown victoriously and build a powerful reunified country, it stated.

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