FM categorically rejects UNSC resolution

Date: 13/09/2017 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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“We vehemently condemn and reject UNSC resolution 2375 the US has cooked up against the DPRK by using means fair and foul, and we regard it as a product of flagrant provocation aimed at stripping the DPRK of its legitimate right to self-defence and stifling the country and its people by slapping an all-around embargo,” the DPRK Foreign Ministry said in a press release on September 13.
Such statement came after the US and its followers adopted one day earlier another UNSC resolution on imposing the harshest-ever sanctions on the DPRK over its ICBM-mountable hydrogen bomb test they dubbed “threat” to international peace and security.
The US-led adoption of another illegitimate sanctions resolution serves as an occasion to help us confirm the validity of our own path and harden our resolve to go the distance—unswervingly and more quickly, the press release said.
Now that it is clear the US attempts to check our progress and disarm ourselves through the unprecedented sanctions and pressure and to defeat us with nukes, it added, we will redouble efforts to build up our capacity enough to strike substantial equilibrium with the US so as to protect our rights to sovereignty and survival and safeguard regional peace and security.


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