Machine giant gets into top gear in custom-built production

Date: 14/11/2017 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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The Taean Heavy Machine Complex has seen marked success in the custom-built equipment production.
This year alone, it has produced hundreds of pieces of generating facilities and equipment and their parts of some 30 kinds for thermal and hydroelectric power stations like the Pukchang and Pyongyang thermal power complexes and Orangchon Power Station Unit 5, and other major construction projects.
It has ensured both speed and quality in production by upgrading machines.
Technicians introduced the CNC technology to the large gear heat treatment process, multiple spindle general processing lathe and different milling machines. They also applied the stainless steel production process based on a medium-frequency induction furnace and a welding jig for turbine blade to improve the precision of assembly of turbine blade, and made scores of other sci-tech achievements in a year.
A large CNC machine tool, one of the modern machine manufacturing facilities made by the complex, is capable of simultaneously processing any complicated part in different axes and its minimum feeding unit is under 0.01 mm.
The generating equipment, custom-built equipment and boiler sheet metal processing workshops made a steady improvement in the production of custom-built equipment by dint of science and technology, thereby turning out conical and curved pipes for Tanchon Power Station Unit 1 in less than a month. The large-size machine workshop, generating equipment processing workshop No. 1 and other workshops carried out their annual production plans ahead of schedule as of October 23 by fulfilling daily assignments 1.2 times.
The casting, heat treatment and other workshops in charge of part production also finished the production of different sizes of gears and other major parts in three days thanks to the introduction of efficient working methods and the improvement of the operating rate of equipment. In particular, the complex produced and sent a dozen pieces of generating equipment to Orangchon Power Station Unit 5 as of October 20, as well as large-capacity wind turbines to be installed in the Samjiyon area.
After completing the annual economic plan till September 30, the complex is pushing the production of equipment for Ryesonggang Power Station Unit 5 and other projects.
By Choe Kwang Jin PT

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