Nuclear warmongers to face strong retaliation

Date: 14/11/2017 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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The Trump clique is again speaking of possibility of a "preemptive nuclear attack" on the DPRK.
At a hearing on the right to use the military force of the president held at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on October 30, Secretary of Defense Mattis and Secretary of State Tillerson said Trump has the right to make a preemptive attack on the DPRK without a parliamentary approval.
They said that in case of north Korea, action can come first before notifying Congress as what was done to Syria as it would be a direct imminent and actual attack on the US. They even blustered that if other country is ready to use weapons of mass destruction against the US, the situation of ordering to make a preemptive nuclear attack is imaginable.
Furthermore, they stated that no president renounced the right to make a preemptive attack and Trump can also exercise the right legally granted to him as a man with the full command of the armed forces.
The essence of wild bluffing made by Mattis and Tillerson is that the US can make a preemptive nuclear attack on the DPRK without a parliamentary approval in case Trump deems it necessary.
Those rhetoric uttered by diplomatic and security chiefs reflective of the US wild ambition for a preemptive nuclear attack is an extremely serious provocation to the DPRK.
No US administration has openly claimed a preemptive attack on the DPRK as now, an indication that the nuclear threat and blackmail of the Trump clique has reached the phase of reckless implementation.
At a time when even US Congress is getting vocal calling for depriving Trump of the right to decide a preemptive attack, the Defense and State secretaries supported him. This speaks volumes about the Trump administration's attempt at invasion of the DPRK.
Their rhetoric about a "preemptive nuclear attack" on the DPRK clearly proved once again that the DPRK was quite right when it opted for nuclear access and that it is the path it has to follow to the last.
Now that the US disclosed its attempt at a preemptive attack on the DPRK, the latter will face it and strongly react to it with the tremendous nuclear force it has so far built.
It will be the US that is to entirely blame for any ensuing consequences in case a war breaks out on the Korean peninsula.

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