Nuclear clouds gather over Asia-Pacific

Date: 14/11/2017 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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Trump’s epileptic frenzy is turning the US into a more ferocious war monster.
Not content with having the largest quantity of combat equipment in the world, the US is planning to squander an astronomical sum of money on the maintenance and upgrading of its nuclear force.
According to internet magazine Defense News on November 1, the Congressional Budget Office estimated the expense for maintaining and upgrading the US’ nuclear capability for three decades to come at $1.2 trillion, or $41.4 billion annually. Of the spending, $800 billion is said to be disbursed for the deployment and maintenance of nuclear weapons and $400 billion for nuclear upgrading. More specifically, $313 billion will go for submarines, $149 billion for ICBMs and $266 billion for bombers.
The nuclear modernization project reportedly includes the replacement of Ohio-class nuclear submarine and Minuteman 3 ballistic missile and the development of latest bomber B-21 for dropping conventional and nuclear bombs and a new type of nuclear cruise missile.
Given that the world’s total military spending amounts to well over $1 trillion, the US’ new nuclear expansion programme is very dangerous as it may plunge the world into a nuclear catastrophe.
Analysts say the US might make a breach in the Asia-Pacific, notably the Korean peninsula, for the implementation of its strategy for world domination relying on the nuclear force.
The US that switched to the “pivot to Asia-Pacific” strategy in the new century has deployed 60 percent of its navy and 150 interceptor missiles in the region and is now driving the peninsula situation to the worst phase of nuclear war as it finds fault with the DPRK’s self-defensive countermeasures to boost its nuclear capability.
Trump blustered about “total destruction” of the DPRK, “annihilation” of its population, “lull before the storm” and “one single effect”. In October alone, B-1B strategic nuclear bombers flew into the air above the Korean peninsula and Michigan nuclear submarine, Ronald Reagan nuclear-powered carrier and other US navy vessels conducted different drills on the waters around the peninsula.
At present, the US is taking extremely risky military actions. Seven out of its eleven aircraft carriers are fanning out simultaneously to the operational theatre close to the peninsula and F-35C latest stealth fighter has been fielded to the region for the first time.
Foreign media have reported that $4 billion of $5.9 billion that Trump requested the Congress to approve as an increment of military spending on November 6 will be used for missile defence and reconnaissance system deployment in the peninsula.
The point is that if the US triggers a nuclear war there, it will spread to big powers bordering the DPRK. And there is no doubt that this is what the Americans seek.
That is why the neighbouring countries are getting more alert.
Most recently, two Russian Tu-95MS bombers approached USS Ronald Reagan on a run on the East Sea of Korea on October 29 and Russian strategic bombers flew to the air above the Pacific Ocean the following day.
The Korean peninsula and the Asia-Pacific are teetering on the brink of nuclear war due to war maniac Trump with whom words of reason cut no ice.
By Kim Rye Yong PT

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