South Korean conservatives, nation’s enemy

Date: 01/02/2018 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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The south Korean conservatives viciously find fault with every agenda item the north and south of Korea discussed and push ahead for the successful holding of the Winter Olympics.
The Liberal Korea Party, the Korean Freedom League and other conservative groups let loose a stream of invective, saying the ruling authorities left all the schedule, agenda and say at the north’s disposal at the inter-Korean high-level and working talks, the joint press releases only contain what the north wants, excluding the main issues the south and international community demand, and they are nothing more than a copy of the north’s New Year Address.
As for the agreement on the joint cultural event at Mt Kumgang resort and joint training at the Masikryong Ski Resort, they made such presumptuous remarks that it has ignored the efforts of Phyongchang residents who had prepared for the Winter Olympics for 20 years, it infuriates the Kangwon provincial population, the Masikryong Ski Resort is the north’s typical venue for the propaganda of its system and a jerry-built facility with frequent accidents and it is absurd that the authorities agreed on joint training despite the concern over its safety and anti-north sanctions.
They also raised arguments about the formation of the women’s single ice hockey team, joint entry by the north and south, the use of One Korea flag and the north’s field survey for the dispatch of an art troupe, saying the authorities have been drawn into the north’s strategy aimed at anti-US independence, pro-north and alliance with communism, these would serve as a message that south Korea allows the north’s nuclear programme, it is sorrowful to see them receiving prior inspection to provide the venue for the propaganda of the north’s system while according northerners honourable treatment of state guests, and they are turning the Phyonchang Olympics into Pyongyang Olympics. They even egged right-wing gangsters under the conservative organizations on to commit such class-A confrontation-oriented crimes of insulting the supreme dignity of the DPRK and burning its national flag in the middle of Seoul.
The reckless acts of the south Korean conservatives have clearly revealed once again that they only stake their fate on confrontation with the fellow countrymen with little interest in national reconciliation and peace in the Korean peninsula.
In fact, the Winter Olympics to be held in south Korea are a great event for which the locals have spent much money and energy to prepare, while attaching great significance to it.
Therefore, the DPRK sincerely wishes it would be a good occasion for demonstrating the national stamina to the world and shows broad-mindedness and every sincerity for its successful holding, shelving the unsavoury past between both sides.
If the south Korean conservatives had a shred of conscience for the public and nation, they would not have slandered the DPRK’s cooperation in the successful opening of the Olympic Games such viciously and impudently.
But they are so full of ambition to come to power again even by destroying the compatriots and trampling down the nation to curry favour with their master that they do such reckless acts without thinking about the consequences to be entailed by them.
They are the enemy of the nation just like the clan of Trump, a war maniac who argues for the extinction of the Korean nation without hesitation.
It is evident that as long as the south Korean conservatives remain the nation can neither celebrate its great event nor achieve improved inter-Korean relationship and national reunification.
The more frantically they incite confrontation with the fellow countrymen fully revealing their true identity as the enemy of the nation, the more firmly the noose around their neck will be tightened.

By Kim Rye Yong PT

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