U.S. Interference Moves Deserve Denunciation: Rodong Sinmun

Date: 16/05/2018 | Source: KCNA.kp (En) | Read original version at source

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Pyongyang, May 16 (KCNA) -- At the 40th session of the UN Committee on Information recently, Cuba denounced the U.S. for its constant anti-Cuban moves through radio and television broadcast in violation of several international rules including the UN Charter.

The sordid moves of the U.S. to stubbornly interfere in internal affairs of sovereign states and overthrow their governments by massively spreading the reactionary ideology and culture were fully disclosed, Rodong Sinmun on Wednesday says in an article.

It goes on:

The ideological and cultural poisoning of the imperialists can never work in the countries strong in ideological offensive against it.

The reality in the DPRK proves it.

Days ago, the U.S. formularized the overall use of electronic devices and information technologies such as USB memories, mobile phones and wireless internet in the ideological and cultural poisoning against the DPRK and the massive expansion of the information contents sending to the DPRK to the scale of corrupt music, movies and dramas of capitalist countries including the U.S.

But the ideological and cultural poisoning of the U.S. imperialists has ended in failure in the DPRK which vigorously wages the offensive to sweep away all kinds of decadent and reactionary ideology and culture with revolutionary ideology and culture.

The countries aspiring to independence should remain on the alert for the U.S. ideological and cultural poisoning and psychological warfare and resolutely smash them. -0-

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