Assembly place of 'migratory' politicians

Date: 10/08/2018 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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On July 24 the Liberty Korea Party formed an emergency action committee, 40 days after the entire party leadership resigned over the crushing defeat in the local autonomous elections.

But the past records of members of the emergency action committee are so disreputable that they have come under growing public criticism.

Kim Yong Thae, secretary general of the committee, once came into the public limelight with the declaration of withdrawal from the Saenuri Party in 2016 when Park Geun Hye’s misgovernment scandal broke, saying “the president and Saenuri Party (at the time) are accomplices” and “there is no need for them to wait for punishment”.

After secession, he tried to persuade non-Park assemblymen to leave the party following his example and argued for its dissolution.

When asked if he would join the Saenuri Party again if accomplices of the scandal are ousted, he made a show of himself by saying he would join it if it bids farewell to pro-Parks and build a new party, but if it fails he would leave the political circle and he would not join it again.

Later, the Saenuri Party changed its name into the Liberty Korea Party but pro-Parks were as dominant as before.

But Kim entered the Liberty Korea Party a year after he left its predecessor.

Hong Chol Ho, who has been appointed as chief secretary of the committee chairman, was a close associate of Ryu Sung Min, former representative of the “righteous future party” which was the rival of the Liberty Korea Party, also joined the Liberty Korea Party last year together with Kim Yong Thae.

Especially, Kim Pyong Jun, chairman of the committee, once served as policy chief of the Blue House during the period of the “participatory government” and was promoted to the deputy prime minister for education, only to resign after a month due to the opposition of the Grand National Party, the ancestor of the Liberty Korea Party.

This time, however, he disgracefully shook hands with the party which ruined him. Another fact was also revealed that he had been offered to play “golf” in the past.

By Kim Rye Yong PT

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