Promising Women Weightlifters (2018.7.15)

Date: 20/09/2018 | Source: Sports DPRK English | Read original version at source

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- Ri Suk, a woman weightlifter in the Central Sports School, has won the 53rd and 54th national juvenile sports school competitions, juvenile championships and other national games, in which she made a new record, attracting the attention of experts.

She made a debut in the 2018 Asian junior and juvenile weightlifting championships, winning six gold medals in snatch, jerk and total of junior and juvenile women’s 53kg categories, respectively.

Without resting on her laurels, she trains harder to bring home more gold medals.

- Kim Kyong Ryong from the April 25 Sports Club is an ace in 69kg category of women’s weightlifting.

She has entered in first three rankings of national juvenile sports school competitions and juvenile championships since 2013, fully displaying her forte.

One year after being elevated to the junior-class division last year, she earned six gold medals in the 2018 Asian junior and juvenile weightlifting championships.

Before this competition she had suddenly got injured but, without slackening the tension, she trained harder to improve her physical capability.

Now she is redoubling her efforts to become a world ace.

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