New Technology of Producing Super-lightweight Adiabatic Materials Developed

Date: 05/12/2018 | Source: Naenara News | Read original version at source

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Researchers of the Nano-materials Institute of the Nano-engineering Branch under the State Academy of Sciences have recently developed a technology of making silica air gel, a nano-material, and thus opened up a prospect for mass-producing it by an industrial method.

As a porous material with nano-sized structure, the silica air gel is the lightest one with high effects among the existing solid adiabatic materials.

For its superior heat-insulation properties, many countries regard it as the key to solving the serious energy problem. With strong resistance to heat and chemicals and soundproofing, it releases no pollutants. So, it comes into the limelight as an environment-friendly building material.

As an amorphous material like glass, it will be used in the exterior and interior walls and roofs of buildings to enhance heat-preserving effect, sharply reduce the weight of structures and protect them from fire, while satisfying the aesthetic requirements.

Besides, it will take the place of the existing lagging materials in various thermal equipment so as to promote operation efficiency and prevent heat loss remarkably.

The researchers have also established a process of producing nano-heat-preserving paint by means of silica air gel.

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