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Date: 10/01/2019 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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At the end of last year, the US State Department issued a joint strategy report for the East Asia-Pacific region, which reflects its diplomatic guidelines towards the DPRK in the new year.

The report put the focus of its diplomacy on freezing the DPRK’s nuclear development, stopping its production of nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles and fissionable materials and securing initial measures for denuclearization, and set the denuclearization centring on the DPRK’s nuclear freeze as the immediate goal of DPRK-US negotiations and the final and fully verified denuclearization (FFVD) as the long-term goal.

It also changed the justification for international sanctions and pressure on the DPRK from nuclear test and ballistic missile launch to nuclear proliferation and stipulated the “denuclearization first, lifting of sanctions later” as the strategy of negotiations with the DPRK, saying sanctions and pressure played a big role in 2018 and they will remain as an important lever.

This is a well-worn cliché which is contrary to the target of hostility elimination both sides committed themselves in the eyes of the world and steeped in outdated thinking and prejudice.

Given that it has been over a year since the DPRK stopped nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches, it is quite natural for the US to withdraw all unjust measures it took on the pretext of them.

In order to break the deadlock in the DPRK-US negotiations, the US needs to respond in kind to the DPRK’s proactive and sincere efforts for the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

The US is unilaterally asking the DPRK to take more measures while remaining seated with folded arms.

There is a limit to the DPRK’s good faith and generosity, and the US had better not expect the slightest unilateral concession from the former as it has had enough.

It is time for the US to act and pay back its debt to the DPRK.

If the US opts for a new mode with fresh determination, it can find a way out. But if it persists in the time-worn formula of “denuclearization first, lifting of sanctions later”, it can never get out of the labyrinth of the past.

It should free itself from the old-fashioned habit of sanctions and pressure in the confrontation era and daringly embark on the road to genuine improvement of bilateral relations and global peace.

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