'My country is best'

Date: 10/01/2019 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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Words fail to express my joy of having participated in the schoolchildren’s new year performance in the homeland.

An annual event held as one of the important celebrations of new year, the performance is the focus of all schoolchildren in the homeland.

It seems to me like a dream that I have taken part in such an excellent performance.

In fact, the Korean schoolchildren in Japan fail to sing national songs to their heart’s content.

It is dangerous for Korean schoolgirls to leave home in chima Korean (skirt) and jogori (jacket) and the Japanese cast a menacing look to us when we hum a tune of Korean song.

But we sang Korean songs to our heart’s content in the homeland and gave a performance to mark the new year.

Renowned teachers in the homeland spared no pains for the training of us and such good places as the People’s Palace of Culture and Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace were offered as practice grounds.

When I practised singing alone at a hotel hall in the evening as I was unsure of my ability the hotel staff praised me as an encouragement.

This is my homeland, in which everybody warmly embraces and teaches us and unsparingly offers best things to us.

I received a new collection of songs from the teachers in the homeland as a souvenir.

Though I live in Japan, I will steadily carry on the patriotic national spirit, the proud tradition of Chongryon (General Association of Korean Residents in Japan), cherishing national songs in my heart.

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