Rodong Sinmun on Self-Reliance

Date: 11/01/2019 | Source: (En) | Read original version at source

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Pyongyang, January 11 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun in an article on Friday says self-reliance is a powerful source that enables the Korean people to have advanced with a firm grip on their own destiny in the face of all sorts of storm and challenge of history.

The article notes that during the arduous anti-Japanese war, the Korean revolutionaries mowed down the enemies with Yanji bomb made with their own efforts and liberated the country by defeating the gangster-like Japanese imperialists through nationwide resistance.

It goes on:

After the victorious three year-long Fatherland Liberation War, the Korean people turned out in the post-war rehabilitation and construction to heal war wounds and usher in the era of Chollima.

They laid firm foundation for self-supporting national economy by working such miracles of history as completing socialist industrialization in a matter of 14 years.

Even in the period of the Arduous March, forced march which could have brought down other countries more than hundred times, they defended Korean-style socialism with their own faith and opened up a broad avenue to prosperity.

Self-reliance serves as a great power that makes it possible to safeguard the country and save the nation under the present situation in which the imperialists are getting evermore undisguised in their moves for domination.

No matter what happens in the world, the Korean people will advance and emerge honorably victorious in reliance upon self-reliance. -0-

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