Dancing Party of Officials and Members of Women's Union Held

Date: 12/01/2019 | Source: Naenara News | Read original version at source

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A dancing party of women's union officials and members took place at the plaza of the Arch of Triumph on December 30 to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Marshal Kim Jong Un's assumption of the supreme commandership of the Korean People's Army.

The song "Cheers of the People" was played at the dancing venue full of joy of the participants who celebrate the day of the great, revolutionary auspicious event in which they held in the highest esteem the peerlessly great man as the top leader of the revolutionary armed forces.

The participants danced in humble reverence for Kim Jong Un.

They enthusiastically danced to the tune of songs with pride and honour of pushing one of the two wheels of the revolutionary chariot.

"A Sea of Apple Trees at the Foot of Chol Pass" and other songs revved up the festive mood.

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