Tender Affection

Date: 28/12/2018 | Source: Sports DPRK English | Read original version at source

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The following happened one October day in Juche 102 (2013), when Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the newly built Mirim Riding Club.

Seeing the young people riding horseback, he said beamingly: I am very pleased now. Horse-riding is an exercise that can be done at all seasons of the year. When the riding club is open to the public, children, students and working people can do physical training here.

Officials recollected how hard he had striven for the interests of the country and the people. Inconceivable apart from his energetic leadership is the present reality in which all the dreams of the people are coming true on this land, they thought.

After a while, he named in turn the public welfare facilities that had been built within that year-Mirim Riding Club, Munsu Water Park, Okryu Children’s Hospital, etc. Then he emphasized that the Workers’ Party of Korea was steadfast in its determination to build more such structures for the welfare of the people.

Indeed, infinite is the affection of the Supreme Leader who works devotedly to bring more benefit to his people.

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