Tender Care

Date: 18/01/2019 | Source: Sports DPRK English | Read original version at source

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The following happened on the evening of September 8, Juche 61 (1972), one day before the founding anniversary of the DPRK, when the people across the country were in a festive mood.

General Kim Jong Il was concerned about the football match scheduled for the holiday, in which the country’s national team would compete against its visiting foreign counterpart.

He headed for the players’ bedrooms to see if they were in a comfortable sleep.

On arriving at his destination, he was unhappy to hear high-pitched singing nearby, which was coming from the building of a central art troupe.

The artistes were preparing for a celebratory performance till late at night.

Sufficient sleep was a key factor in ensuring the players’ good condition both during and after the game.

This was a matter of common knowledge but officials did not give much thought to the location of the bedrooms.

And the players already became accustomed to such disturbed sleep.

To Kim Jong Il, however, this was a serious issue.

Then and there, he instructed that the bedrooms must be moved to a tranquil place.

Those in his company were deeply impressed by his paternal concern for the players’ health.

Soon afterwards, learning that good bedrooms were set up in a suitable location, Kim Jong Il came to the new building.

Though under heavy pressure of work, he spent long hours looking at everything in the cozy rooms-wallpaper, air-conditioning device and furniture.

He was all smiles and, suddenly, his face clouded over at the sight of the high windowsill. After a while, he said that it was unfavourable for maintaining good ventilation and letting in enough sunlight, adding that it should be redesigned though it might took longer than planned.

The officials stood silent, listening to his advice and realizing how much he was caring for the footballers. They became convinced that such warm affection would bring up Korean sportspeople to be world champions.

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