Fertilizer Producers

Date: 06/02/2019 | Source: Naenara News | Read original version at source

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The Hungnam Fertilizer Complex situated in Hamhung, South Hamgyong Province, a leading base of chemical industry in the country, pushes ahead with the Juche fertilizer production.

In recent years, the workers of the complex have completed a large-scale expansion project for production capacity.

This year of a great importance in implementing the tasks of the five-year strategy for the development of the national economy, officials of the complex set a higher goal, organizing management activities more scrupulously from the early days of the year and enlisting the creative wisdom and enthusiasm of technicians and workers, so as to demonstrate the spirit of collective innovation in all workplaces.

Campaigns of overtaking and learning from others and swapping experience with them are sweeping the whole complex.

The raw materials workshop is increasing the production by strengthening relations among crushing, sieving and drying lines.

The gas generation workshop, in accordance with the increased number of generators in operation, actively introduces innovative working methods to increase productivity to the maximum. The steam workshop has introduced valuable technical initiatives to decrease heat loss as much as possible in boilers and operate them at full capacity.

The water electrolysis workshop, synthesis workshop No. 2, gas purification workshop, nitrogen workshop No. 2 and ammonium nitrate workshop take measures for operating their equipment in winter and enhance the role and sense of responsibility on the part of machine operators.

Scientists and technicians of the complex make scrupulous arrangement for the technical management of all fertilizer production lines like reproduction of catalyst for synthesizing ammonium, production of catalyst for accurate desulphurizing of carbon dioxide and reproduction of ion exchange plastic for purifying water, and continue to hasten the work to upgrade major production lines with up-to-date technologies and expand the production capacity.

Thanks to the high enthusiasm of the workers, who are determined to supply larger amounts of fertilizer to cooperative farms by regarding the self-development spirit and science and technology as motive force, the fertilizer production is on steady increase.

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