Colours of Regular Armed Forces

Date: 08/02/2019 | Source: Naenara News | Read original version at source

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Preserved in the Korean Revolution Museum are the colours carried by the units of the Korean People’s Army during the military parade held in celebration of its founding on February 8, 71 years ago.

The colours of the KPA carry forward the glorious revolutionary traditions of the red flag, symbol of the units of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army commanded by President Kim Il Sung.

On the historic day when the founding of the KPA was proclaimed to the whole world, the Korean people carefully looked at the colours flying in the van of the columns vigorously marching past the venue of the military parade.

The letters “For the country’s independence and people” were embroidered on the colours.

Seeing the sample military colours, Kim Il Sung said in the following vein: The military colours represent profound ideas and meanings. The service personnel make up their minds to fight at the cost of their lives for the country’s independence and the people’s happiness in front of the colours and make a dash at the enemy’s position with the colours in the van. Therefore, the colours are the banner of victory and glory. If we make the KPA units march in the parade flying the colours on the forthcoming February 8, it will improve the morale of soldiers and delight our people. Our people, who keenly experienced the miserable fate of a ruined nation, will feel a sense of great national pride, dignity and confidence, if they see their army marching past with the colours flying at the head.

The colours of the KPA have demonstrated to the whole world the invincible might of the Korean revolutionary armed forces on the road of defending the country and the people, adorning them only with heroic feats and victories.

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