Sci-tech Achievements Pay Off

Date: 10/02/2019 | Source: Uriminzokkiri (En) | Read original version at source

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Sci-tech achievements made last year are now paying off.

The researchers of the Thermal Engineering Institute and the Automation Institute under the State Academy of Sciences perfected a technology of igniting pulverized anthracite by means of oxygen and stabilizing its burning and introduced it into reality.

Before its introduction, large amounts of coking coal and heavy oil had been consumed for normal operation of boilers at thermal power stations.

In keeping with the global trend of using no coking coal or heavy oil at thermal power plants, they developed a device for fully ensuring the extended combustion of pulverized anthracite with poor reactivity by igniting it by means of oxygen. This made it possible to generate electric power without using any coking coal or heavy oil.

An electric power generating system for fish farms by means of photovoltaic cells was established, and a wind-driven water pump “Phungyang-13” and a technology of producing biogas and making effective use of it were developed.

The sector of coal-mining industry manufactured a storage AC battery car and a double-faced inhalation centrifugal ventilator and developed a method of assessing the deposits of deep coal bed, thus contributing to boosting coal production and securing its resources.

The sector of metallurgical industry established a technical process of producing electrodes for the UHP electric arc furnace by means of natural scaly graphite and a line of producing manganese concentrates by making use of low-grade wad.

Such hi-tech achievements as an IT system of integrating the processes of film editing, a system of measuring the speed of locomotive and spotting its position were made last year.

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