Reckless arms buildup against trend of the times

Date: 10/02/2019 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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All the Korean nationals and other peoples of the world hope that the north and south of Korea will take practical measures to remove military hostility from the whole of the Korean peninsula.

However, the south Korean military show a sign of stepping up arms buildup.

On January 11, the defence ministry issued a “2019-2023 intermediate defence plan” on the pretext of “establishing a foundation for building its own defence capability” to cope with military threats and change of security to be expected in the present and future and announced that they would earmark over US$ 250 billion for military spending, or 13.6 percent more than that of the former 2018-2022 plan.

They are going to replace the name of the “south Korean-type three-axis striking system” in the original plan with the “system for countering nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction”. To this end, they plan to reinforce troops on a large scale and modernize military hardware, including the development of reconnaissance satellite and long-range gun interception system, the introduction of early-warning controller Peace Eye and intermediate-altitude unmanned reconnaissance plane, long-range air-to-ground guided missile and ballistic missile early-warning radar and the performance improvement of various kinds of missiles and 230mm multiple launch rocket system.

They also made public a plan to deploy the US-made F-35A stealth fighters for action by shipping more than ten in the Korean peninsula within this year. It is said that they are now examining a plan for introducing ground monitoring reconnaissance plane Joint Stars, super-high-altitude unmanned reconnaissance plane Global Hawk, maritime operation helicopter MH-60R, warship-to-air missile SM-3 and other modern foreign-made military hardware.

The plan of south Korea, which gained notoriety as the largest powder magazine and armoury in the Far East, for bringing in more war equipment, instead of drastically reducing the excessive military hardware, clearly shows its sinister intention to have a showdown with the fellow countrymen by force of arms.

The south Korean military authorities pretended to take measures for easing the military tension in the area of confrontation, but now cling to the military buildup against the north behind the screen. Their double-dealing can never be tolerated.

The military should ponder the serious consequences to be entailed by their reckless arms buildup which goes against the trend of the times.

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