New varieties of kimchi added to list

Date: 10/02/2019 | Source: Pyongyang Times | Read original version at source

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The varieties of Korean kimchi known as a health food in the world have increased.

Potato kimchi, chive kimchi and Tanbaekcho kimchi which were newly exhibited at the national kimchi exhibition last year, an annual event held in the kimchi-making seasons, drew the attention of visitors.

The potato kimchi is made by cutting potatoes into slices to slightly scald them in hot water before washing them in cold water. After mixing them with Welsh onion, garlic, ginger, pear, sugar, salt and powdered red pepper, they are put into a jar before pouring the cooled salt water into it to mature the food at the temperature of 15-18 degrees centigrade.

“The potato kimchi presents original taste with the combination of potatoes good for health and longevity with additional materials,” said Choe Hye Gyong, cook at the Kyonghung Unhasu Restaurant.

The chive kimchi is prepared by cleaning chives before cutting them down to five centimetres long to put a proper amount of salt into them, as well as ginger, sugar, seasoning and vinegar after one or two minutes, and pour the cooled salt water into it to serve the dish by garnishing it with small green onions and shredded red pepper.

“The chive kimchi with high curative efficacy can be made easily on the spot without the maturing process and you can feel its original taste when it is pickled to preserve its unique aroma and promote delicate and soft feeling when chewing,” said Kim Hye Yong, cook at the Changgwang Public Catering Service Management Bureau who developed the food.

It is served by pouring the kimchi water after mixing spices with three-hour salted Tanbaekcho.

With unusually fresh and delicious taste and fragrant smell, it is good for health as it promotes digestion, absorption and nutritive value and can easily be cooked in families.

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