Youth and Schoolchildren March towards Kim Jong Il's Birthplace

Date: 10/02/2019 | Source: Naenara News | Read original version at source

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Youth and schoolchildren from across the country marched to Chairman Kim Jong Il's birthplace in the Paektusan Secret Camp from February 1 to 9 on the occasion of his 77th birth anniversary.

During the march, they placed floral baskets and bunches of flowers at the statues of President Kim Il Sung in Pochonbo Revolutionary Battle Site, Chongbong Bivouac and before the Samjiyon Grand Monument and the statue of Chairman Kim Jong Il in Samjiyon County and made bows to them.

They left Hyesan and arrived in Pochonbo, where they looked round the command post of the Battle of Pochonbo, police sub-station, sub-county office, etc.

They arrived at the Tableland of Junghung commanding a view of Mt Paektu through the Spring Site in Poso-ri, singing revolutionary songs in chorus.

Then they arrived at the Rimyongsu Revolutionary Site, where they looked round various places there.

At Chongbong and Konchang bivouacs, they looked round the site where the anti-Japanese war heroine Kim Jong Suk cooked rice and the trees bearing slogans and others.

At Kim Jong Il's birthplace in the Paektusan Secret Camp they looked back upon his revolutionary career.

After looking round the Samjiyon Grand Monument, they toured the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station and visited the construction sites in the area of Samjiyon township to help constructors.

During the march, they had a meeting to hear impressions of the reminiscences of anti-Japanese guerrillas, a contest of singing revolutionary songs in chorus while marching in array and other political and cultural events.


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